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Certified Life Coach

I am Leslie Randolph. I am a Certified Life Coach and the Chief Wisdom Officer at The Coach Chronicles, where I share lessons learned and "AHA" moments from being a coach, a woman, and an eternal work in progress. 

I was 38 years old when I fully understood that nothing about me needed to change for me to be self-confident. Throughout my teen years and into my thirties, self-confidence was a holy grail emotion that always felt out of reach. I thought being confident required me to be skinnier, prettier, smarter, more successful and more well-liked. The list went on. I would chase the feeling of confidence, and numb the emotions that fueled me in its absence through destructive means and self criticism. I would compromise myself to achieve external validation. 

This cycle left me feeling even worse.

With coaching and fierce commitment to this work, I changed my relationship with myself, my body, and the world around me. Today, I am honored to share my tools with teens and the teen still in all of us who yearns to know, love and believe in herself.

We are all deserving of that. It starts within. 

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